14 Google Search Surprises

Sometimes when you search on google, strange things may appear …

14 Google Search Surprises

14 – „Do a barrel roll“

If you try to google „do a barrel roll“ either on normal Google search or Image search, you might feel a little bit dizzy…

13 – „ The answer to life the universe and everything“

If you ever wonder what is the meaning of life, you might be surprised how simple it is, just answer Google with specific question „The answer to life the universe and everything“.

12 – „Google gravity“ + I’m feeling lucky.

In this case you will need to write „Google gravity“ and hit the „I’m feeling lucky“ button.

11 – Google Special Search

You can also Google in special languages, for example Hacker Google, Klingon Google or Pirate Google. You can find those and more here

Pirate Google

10 – „Askew“

If you run a Google search for the word “askew”, you may think you’ve somehow broken your monitor. But really, Google has just shifted a few degree.

9 – „Goglogo“

Ever wanted to have your own text in Google logo? Well you can, just google „Goglogo“ and pick whatever you want.

Mighty Google

8 – „Google Sphere“ + I’m feeling lucky.

Try to type „google sphere“ and click on I’m feeling lucky. You can spin the Google search with cursor.

Google Sphere

7 – „The loneliest number“ (do I’m feeling lucky too if you want)

This is fun. If you google „the loneliest number“, Google shows you in calculator „the loneliest number“ = 1. But what i prefer is to hit the „I’m feeling lucky“ button and special song for this number will be played. Not bad at all!

6 – „Flip a coin“ + I’m feeling lucky.

Felling lucky? Try to „flip a coin“ or „roll a dice“.

5 – „Super mario bros“

If you google „Super mario bros“ there is a box on the right side with a question mark, you can collect coins by clicking at it.

Google Super Mario Bros

4 – „Find Chuck Norris“ + I’m feeling lucky.

Heh, try to google „ Find Chuck Norris“ and click I’m feeling lucky, Google will be scared and will not show you nothing, because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you. Google will be so kind and suggest for you to run before he finds you, try a different person or try to google someone less dangerous.

Find Chuck Norris

3 – „Zerg rush“

They are everywhere! If you google „zerg rush“ you will start a little game where you have to kill zerglings with cursor, your searched articles will be buildings with hitpoints and you survive till zerglings will destroy them all, you have also APM shown, just like in Starcraft. Can you kill more than 55?

Zerg Rush

2 – „Pacman“

Google „Pacman“ and you can play Google version of Pacman in few seconds.


1 – „Atari breakout“

My favourite is Atari breakout. Google „Atari breakout“, switch to google images, and let the game begin! You can also google „Atari breakout“ directly in image search, if you finish the round, more random pictures will be in next rounds.

Atari Breakout


There was few more in the past, like „A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away“ where text was like in the beginning of the movie, but those seems not working anymore.