Fallout post-apocalyptic overview

Have a quick look through all mighty Fallout games from 1997 to 2015.


From the “Cold War” times there has been fear of nuclear war. In a perhaps awkward way, people have been fascinated by it to the point where many authors, writers, and game designers created many post-apocalyptic worlds. In those they let their imagination run wild and let us be amazed and at the same time terrified by what it could be like.

  • One of such is the fascinating world of Fallout by Interplay Entertainment!

Fallout - 1997

It is the year 2161, your Vault desperately needs new water chip that can be only found in another Vault and you have 150 days to get it. Now you must leave the safety of your Vault and face the challenges of the outer world. Exploring the wastes begins.

There could be much said about the Fallout, from the apocalyptic atmosphere that it pulls you in very early in the game, followed by innovative graphical features in form of 3D modeled faces, through turn-based fights, to the parental rating that can be summarized by the perk “Bloody Mess”, but let’s just wrap it up with game intro that demonstrates it best.

More screenshots from Fallout here.

This is the intro that set toon of all of the following games and for some of us also created the “Fallout feeling” whenever we hear those early 19’s songs:

  • Makes you wanna play it again, right?

Fallout 2 - 1998

The main character of this game comes from a tribal village that has been founded by “you” from the previous game. It is the year 2241 and your people are once again in a need of your help to survive. The only hope seems to be obtaining a mythical legendary piece of technology that can turn any wasteland into a beautiful garden - the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K. as is more commonly referred also in following games).

  • If something works, you should quickly add more? Well, it worked out this time.

Fallout 2 brings you much bigger wastes to explore, more weapons, more enemies to kill and more options overall. The freedom to explore and to do your own thing, create your way just got bigger here. For example, except saving your village, you might also want to do something good for the wastes …or not. The game offers several possible endings for most larger settlements.

Since fighting the super mutants as the prime evil of the game might have had a sense of repetition, new faction took its place - the Enclave. This faction is some sort of a mixture of an evil version of Brotherhood of Steel and criticism of the politics. The icon for this faction is horned like version of the advanced power armor helmet, which is also the main icon for the game.

More screenshots from Fallout 2 here.

Fallout 3 - 2008

Bethesda Game Studios acquired rights for the game and after a long time that seemed like forever, new Fallout game was released and the universum successfully revived.

Since Bethesda is known for The Elder Scrolls first-person role-playing games, it stands to reason that they wanted to apply this expertise to their new project too. That, and fact that technology leaped forward considerably from 1998 led game designers to introduce 3D world this time. Game dynamics are now comparable with Skyrim ones - so you could say that we have post-apocalyptic Skyrim here. Turned based combat has been removed and replaced with The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, shortly V.A.T.S. which allows you to stop time during combat and prepare your attack. This is sort of memento for the original games, but you can have a lot of fun and use for it and some new perks are based on perfecting this ability.

It's also worth mentioning that new age of gaming brought in Steam and all of its features like mods, easy access to dynamically addable downloadable content, community and more.

Your story in Fallout 3 begins in the year of 2277 with you being forced to leave Vault 101 after your father unexpectedly disappears. The main story thus wraps around finding your father - so for the first time “no saving your fellow tribe” like in previous games, but you can still do a lot of good for your fellow wastelander if you so choose. Leaving Vault 101 you find yourself in the area around Washington D.C. also known as The Capital Wasteland and your quest begins.

Fallout 3 Trailer:

Fallout 4 - 2015

Simply put, this is the most perfected Fallout game so far and unquestionably also one of the best RPG games ever created to this day. The creativity you are given when modifying your weapons and armor, the outstanding graphical experience, storyline possibilities, total freedom of exploring the wastes, unlimited leveling (although the game supposedly crashes when you reach level 65535), downloadable content - for example, substantial expansion pack “Far Harbor”, community mods and more. All of this makes for a potentially endless adventure.

  • Your very own wastelander days begin in 2277, Boston. You come from Vault 111.

One of the significant changes in Fallout 4 compared to its older brothers is that right from the start you are “freely given” Power armor. You then collect parts and schematics to repair and upgrade it. This is quite a different approach because in previous games you were able to obtain and/or equip Power armor somewhere at the end of the game when you were probably awesome anyway and you just used it because it was cool. But now you can fully explore its power the entire game, which feels mighty.

The other thing that improved greatly are the possibilities for the game endings based on what faction you choose to support. This game really makes you do some tough choices in “the end”.

Here is Fallout 4 intro:

  • Good Luck & Have Fun ... after all Luck is one of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes.

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