How to control (your) time?

Find out how to control your precious time. With these techniques, you will sometimes feel like you have your own time machine. Maybe you will finish your one-week work in just one day.

How to control (your) time?

We’re constatnly surrounded by distractions that will steal our time if we’re not careful. Everyone is busy through a day but it’s important to remember that we’re all busy doing different things. That is the key, it is all about what activities you will prefer and what priorities you will gave to them.

The "Time Machine”

The secret how to prosecute things in time is an organization of time. The secret how to control your time is in creating a list of activities what you have or want to do. Simply one by one.

But there is one secret, only a few people know. Your mind can work on some things you need to do in the background while you work on other things. In other words, make a list of all things you want/have to do today. Work on those which are the most important. For example when I want to write or create something I first ask my subconscious to work on it and when I actually get to do it, it somehow happens on its own. This could sound a bit unreal, but it works in psychology. Delegate as many tasks to your subconscious mind as you can.

But controlling time has one deeper secret. The universe and all that exists will finish something from your list for you if you let him. When you will be creating your daily plan, prepare a special box for the universe. For example, your quests will make the phone calls, go to a bank and write a report. The quests for the universe will be - make the phone call fast and efficient, create a queue in bank max of one people and make data for my report easily accessible. This is, in fact, one of the big missing secrets of life. The universe will help you finish some of your work for you if you let him.

The Masterplan

Write down even the activities like wake up or make a bed. This will give you the feeling like you already achieved something and will give you the power to continue in the next quest. You can use CmapTools or Mindjet software for this. I prefer just paper and then make a big green checkmark on finished activities.

Taking a nap is a good thing

Sometimes when you feel sad and the world seems to be a little gloomy, when your body is tired and your mind focuses on thousand things, sometimes is enough to take a calm nice nap.


When some work looks scary, like writing a thesis or a whole book, trying to lose weight or learning a new skill, just atomize things, decompose it to smaller tasks, write just one page of work, or one paragraph, exercise for 20 minutes, play the first 10 notes of the song on piano etc. and the results will be amazing.

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