The Four Agreements

From practical life-changing teachings to Toltec warrior.

The Four Agreements
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Many people around the world today benefit from knowing these “four agreements”. The core philosophy of this book and teachings lies in the “agreements”. Simply put, as we go through life we pick up various opinions and approaches toward things and people. These are called agreements. Agreements with ourselves and others - very similar concept to Ho’oponopono “programs”, funny coincidence?

Some of these agreements can be beneficial, others are not. The author Don Miguel Ruiz helps you identify the not beneficial ones and shows the way to replace them with better ones. These are The Four Agreements:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don't take anything personally

3. Don't make assumptions

4. Always do your best

The book aims to be mainly practical, the secondary title is “A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” after all. Someone might be confused by the beginning though, where the author explains his view of God. While the “free thinkers” will have probably no problem with this and might love it actually, it is advised not to be discouraged by the initial chapter if you should belong to the offended group and just skip to the “practical part” with the agreements.

Each of the agreements is explained plainly on practical life examples. So you can directly see where they can be beneficial for you. For example, one of our other articles is inspired by the first agreement and describes why it is essential to aim your words true. For the third agreement there exist funny remark (not from this book) to what the word ass-u-me really means - if you go assuming you just make a fool from you and me (the others involved). It is usually much better to ask questions and communicate as clearly as possible.

  • Sounds rather simple?

It is always good to verify within your own heart what resonates with you - to check what can help you. You have the answers. Maybe The Four Agreements are the right pick for you.