The Ultimate Passive Income Guide – Book Review

How it would feel to be your own boss? Make your dreams come true with online business and passive income? This article is a book review of the ultimate passive income guide - analysis of the 10 most reliable and profitable online business ideas.

The Ultimate Passive Income Guide – Book Review

Why somebody makes over the internet hundred thousands of dollars a year when others struggle with their projects with no result? Where is the catch?

This book was designed to assist and help a complete beginner to generate passive income. It details all the common mistakes and cuts straight to profitable passive income streams. The catch is often in not understanding and handling the basics and that causes you to be stuck in a maze of online marketing. At the beginning of a reading, I did not believe the book so much, the author Michael Carter states on the first page that he is not in no way expert on the topics discussed within. That is not very uplifting, right? But as I kept reading I realized, that it is about basics. Repeat them, train and learn slowly. Just as Jim Rohn quote says „Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.“

And that’s it, this book will not make you rich overnight, instead, it will give you a nice overview of the popular, profitable and working online business ideas in 2018 and 2019 and advice how to start those businesses with information what are the common problems and what to avoid. Probably the word „ultimate“ is too strong for this book and it feels like the author wants to increase sales this way. However, it could be ultimate for beginners and online marketers who are trying to do some crazy stuff and forgetting about fundamentals. The author was able to write this guide in a clear informative style and added several new unique ways on generating passive income, while still repeating methods and styles that are becoming more or less mainstream nowadays.

For every online business idea that author describes there is a step-by-step tutorial of how to get things going with few tips added.

For me, the key take away from this book is even if you are a beginner or better, you have to be expert in basics and fundamentals, train them and get better at them. Chose the business idea you like and start building it with passion, success most likely won’t be overnight, so study and improve. I also appreciate mentioning in the book where the author says that you have to switch from the employee mindset to boss mindset. Without boss mindset, you won’t succeed.

I got it for $14.95 but you can get it much cheaper in Kindle version. You can check the actual price here. If you are at the start of your online business projects or things are not working for you right now, it is worth the money you spend.

Pros of the book
  • A fine overview of profitable online business ideas in 2018/2019.
  • Step-by-step tutorials.
  • Few extra uncommon tips added.
  • Focus on basics and how to start.
  • Clear understandable text.
Cons of the book
  • Boring first several pages.
  • The book could be longer (124 pages).
  • If you are an expert or you are in online business for a few years this is not for you.

I believe this book will help you if you choose to order it, even when it has a „slow“ start.