Ho'oponopono – Book that will change your life

Turns out that loving yourself is the best way to improve yourself and as you improve yourself, you improve your world.


At first, Joe Vitale wrote just a short article about a strange therapist, who could heal almost entire mental institute of criminals that were diagnosed with mental illness. That would not be anything too special perhaps - if it was not for the fact that he barely worked with them, barely spoke to them or did seemingly anything really. This article raised many questions in the world and so the story of this book begins.

It is fair to point out that this book is written as a story and does not give you too many technics what to do with your life. “Bad tongue” could say it is just advertisement for other Joe’s seminars, programs or books.

Yet on the way through the book you discover how it was with the “strange” therapist, that he is actually called Ihaleakala Hew Len and strange technic, that he so successfully applied is called Ho’oponopono (Yes, I understand that if you are unfamiliar with this technic you just said “Ho’o … what?”), that it is complete system and if you pay attention you will get some technics to use in your life as well.

So what is it about? As the book cover suggests, the system described in this book shows you the way to the things most of us want in life. Or rather how to remove any obstacles that might be in your way. It shows that we are the main reason why we get or don’t get the wealth, health, peace, romance or whatever we desire in our lives. This book is about breaking any and all limitations – therefore to be with zero limits.

Who can benefit from reading this book? Well, it would be nice to say “everybody” and while this is true, it is also true that the reader needs to be a bit open-minded and somewhat perhaps prepared to receive knowledge of this book – even Joe hesitates how to approach the doctor Hew Len teachings and explains his view on the topic so that reader is not feeling confused alone.

Remember, to get most of any book that is worth reading, it is a good idea to read it more times and each time you return to it you just might learn something new.

Amazon might be one good place to get it: Zero Limits